Neysa Johnson, M.D.


My treatment philosophy focuses on the relationship with the client. It may be less important what we call your problems (the diagnosis) than how we treat them. I say "we" because I feel that treatment involves us working together as a team. With a team-focused approach, that means that all members of the team have a role in choosing and implementing treatment, including you. I may be guiding your treatment, but it is your work that makes the difference. This may include taking medication I prescribe as well as participating in psychotherapy. I may refer you to your primary care physician to rule out medical disorders. I also encourage you to engage your family or support system in your treatment, including coming to your appointments if you feel it will be helpful.

I want to get to know you as a person. I believe this leads to better diagnosis, better care, and more satisfaction for me as well as for you. I do not run a quick 'med-check' based practice. I do not employ nurse practitioners or physician extenders. If you have an appointment at my office, you will be seeing me. I communicate with my clients openly, including discussing with you about your diagnosis and the pros and cons of different treatment options. I encourage you to do additional reading and research on your problems and treatments and will be happy to discuss with you information that you find or have questions about.